Chloé Vestey

Gloucestershire based decorator who is skilled in the refurbishment of country house interiors.


Having spent four years working with Beaumont & Fletcher, renowned for an utterly English look that combines classic opulence with assured understatement, Chloé decided to return to her roots in Gloucestershire and set up CV Interiors.


Chloé is well known amongst her clients for an efficient and economically minded approach which pays the same attention to a competitive quote as it does to delivering the end result as estimated.


Her London contacts in the textiles, furniture and accessories markets are matched by a skilled and reliable list of tradesmen and builders from the local area.


Chloé specialises in delivering a classic contemporary style that combines a lightness of touch with a preference for traditional craftsmanship and materials.




“Chloe has a fantastic facility for sensitively enhancing the client’s vision with her own expertise. Nothing is too much of a challenge for her, she’s amazing and I’d never use anyone else!”


Mrs Christian Fleming


“It was such a relief to have Chloe’s imaginative advice and practical help when doing up our house.  She has a wonderful knack for understanding the type of fabric or furniture that suits the client and the house she is working with (even if it isn’t what she would choose for herself!). She is extraordinarily efficient and patient and makes the whole process fun!”


Lavinia Sidgwick


“Chloe brings a wonderful sense of colour and fun to every project she works on.  Unflappable and always practical, she is brilliant at working within the parameters she is set and never imposes anything on you so that the end result always feels like a proper collaboration. She is as happy to engage with a big project as with small ones, responds quickly to every request and goes the extra mile to find the best deals for her clients.  She has been a joy to work with.”


Alexia Robinson


“CV Interiors has a real skill at making homes look both breathtakingly beautiful yet also homely. Chloe's attention to detail is incredible, particularly when it came to those clever touches that we would never have even contemplated as well as her breadth and touch when it came to fabrics and materials.


Chloe never once lost sight of what we were trying to achieve and was endlessly patient, innovative and staying true to her impeccably high standards.”


Louisa Elder



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